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Laser Services


Since 1991 Laser Services has excelled in the field of interior decoration and design, in Italy and also at international levels, thanks to the use of LASER technology on verydifferent materials such as wood, leather, stainless steel and acrylic, plexy.  Craftsmanship that pays attention to details, energy focussed on problem solving, combined with the use of pioneering technologies and continual research of new materials - all these elements together explain why Laser Services has managed to become, in the span of a few years, a major supplier for designers, architects, interior designers/decorators, graphic agents and stylists alike.

Our research for alternative materials, concentrating on the importance of the exclusive Italian market, has brought about the following product ranges: Wood panelling - "ART DIFFUSION®" INTERLAM INC – USA, mosaics tiles made from natural mother-of-pearl known as "PRECIOUS TILES", a variety of laminates called "NATURAL STONE", three dimensional panels known as ALROX, right through to our luxurious range of wallpaper called “WALLPAPER CRYSTAL”.Moreover, Laser Services presents the “LASER WALL” – a new method used to interpret the space to be furnished, leaving room for people to freely define their living areas with a personal touch.


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